Friday, March 7, 2014

Yes, I'm Fickle

And I've changed my mind again about how I'm going to do The Circle of Confusion in a series of stories starting with P. J.

As you who have following this blog know, I've been having a horrible time getting this story going. There are so many characters who want their story told and different time periods that I wanted to cover. I recently read a blog by H. M. Ward (New York Times Best Seller for the self-published NA series, The Arrangement), and she was talking about how she has created her series and tells every one of the characters stories through a series. I thought this was brilliant, so I decided to borrow her idea.

The second I decided I was going to do that, everything fell into place. I'm 5000 words into the first book of the series: The Circle of Confusion: P. J.  This story is going to be completely told from P. J.'s point of view and will give you insight into P. J.'s background and her inner most thoughts.  It starts almost exactly where Suddenly left off. Three weeks into the first semester of college. I think you all are going to LOVE this story.

Please keep checking back to this blog. I will give updates about how the story is going and leave tasty tidbits from the story. For example, here is the first few lines from the story that will give you a look into how P. J. feels about being at college.

 I can’t believe I let myself get talked into going to college. The art classes are interesting, but Algebra sucks. It sucked in high school and it sucks in college, and I still suck at it. The professor is droning on about simple linear equations and I don’t get it. I’m trying to take notes as he talks, but he’s talking so fast that I can’t keep up. God this sucks!