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As promised, I've moved Jamie and P. J.'s continuing story to their own blog.  With the book coming out, I want to use the M. E. Tudor blog for keeping everyone updated of what is going on with the book.  I hope you will keep coming by to see what is going on with Jamie and P.J.

The Story Brought from M.E. Tudor's blog

Wedded Bliss

P. J. got used to Jamie having study groups at their apartment and tried not to get jealous everytime Jamie touched one of her friends.  Three of the girls; Kayla, Brandy and Lori, had become good friends with both Jamie and P. J. It wasn't unusual for all three of them to spend the weekend with Jamie and P. J., kind of like a college age slumber party. 

Jamie had become quite the wife since P. J. worked as well as went to school.  She had gotten to the point where she would get up and fix breakfast for P. J., make her lunch, and discuss what the evening meal would be.  P. J. was still surprised to come home most nights with dinner on the table or a plate fixed and in the refrigerator waiting for her if Jamie had an evening class or something else going on.

Things were so perfect, in fact, that P. J. was waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop.  It just seemed so easy.  Maybe things could really be this perfect for real, or maybe not.

Check back next week for the next installment of Jamie and P.J. continued...

Making Up

Jamie went back into the living room with her study group.  P. J. got into the shower.  She hated that they were fighting and felt guilty about being the one to start the fight, especially while Jamie's friends were here.  But, she was tired and she didn't feel like being social.  If Jamie would have warned her, she would have went to her aunt's or done something else to chill out before coming home. 

P. J. had only met a few of the girls that were here and they seemed okay.  She wondered if Jamie had told them that they were lovers or if she had just said they were roommates.  The fear of Jamie changing her mind about their relationship, finding someone else, or just deciding she wasn't really gay reared it's ugly head again.  Their relationship was still new even though they had been together for seven months now.  P.J. told herself that she was being silly and she would apologize to Jamie after the girls left.  She was just so afraid of Jaimie walking out of life like her father had.

Jamie came back into the bedroom and heard the shower shut off.  She felt bad about jumping P.J.'s shit.  She should have thought about how P. J. would have felt about coming home to a house full of people.  She pulled her shirt off, leaving on her sports bra and opened the bathroom door.  P.J. was standing in front of the vanity drying her hair.  "You sure you're done?" Jamie asked from the doorway.

P.J. gave her a puzzled look then sucked in her breath when Jamie pulled off her bra and started undoing her pants.  "I..." P. J. was still taken by surprise when Jamie let her know that she wanted her.

"I think you missed a spot or two," Jamie said, then slid her jeans and underwear off.  "I think you need to get back in the shower at let me help you wash better."

Jamie slip into P. J.'s arms. "I'm sorry for being a bitch," she said against P.J.'s lips.

"Me, too." P.J. kissed her deeply then pulled her toward the shower.

First Fight

P. J. unlocked the door to the apartment and was greeted by the sound of laughter.  She was suprised to see that Jamie had six friends from school sitting on the floor of the living room, that still only had a couch in it. They had a pizza box open on the floor between there, books open and notebooks strewn around. 

Jamie looked up at P.J. and smiled, "Hey, just in time. You want a piece of pizza?"

"No," P.J. said in a sharper tone than she had intended, illiciting a frown from Jamie. "I'm going to hop in the shower." She went into the bedroom and threw her backpack on the bed. 

Jamie came into the room just as P.J. was stripping off her shirt. "What's the problem?" Jamie asked.

"I just wasn't expecting to come home to a house full of people," P.J. said and threw her shirt on the bed.

Jamie closed the door and leaned against it.  "This is my study group from English class. I didn't think it would be a problem."

P. J. unfastened her jeans and started taking them off, "I just wished you would have text me or called me to let me know.  It just caught me off guard."

"So am I going to have to let you know every time I have someone here?" Jamie asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Glaring at Jamie, P. J. bit back the angry retort that was on the tip of her tongue. She didn't want what appeared to be their first problem to become a huge fight in front of Jamie's friends. "It would be nice if you would, especially if they are still going to be here when I get home."

"Hey, Jamie, come on let's finish this up." One of the girls called from the other room.

"Fine." Jamie snapped and left the room, closing the door with a slam.

Jamie and P. J.: Moving in together

Jamie had, initially, been extremely pissed off that P. J. had dropped down to going to school half-time so she could go to work full-time at Kinko's. P. J. finally made her understand that she was getting to do a lot of graphic art work when she was helping clients set up their business cards and creating posters. In effect, she was getting more of a hands on education than she had been getting at school. Plus, P. J. didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a full-time job and had jumped on the opportunity when her manager had asked her to start working full-time.  The extra income allowed P. J. to have enough money to get an apartment for her and Jamie.

P. J. had been worried that Jamie's parents would balk at the idea of the two girls moving in together but Jamie's dad had been excited about how much money it was going to save him so he wouldn't have to pay for dorm housing.  Jamie's mother, who still really hasn't come to accept their relationship, hadn't been as excited about it but she went along with it because Jamie's dad said it was okay.

Jamie had flipped when P.J. told her that she had already signed a lease for the apartment and they spent the night in the apartment, making love and sleeping on a sleeping bag on the bedroom floor. The next day Jamie actually cut classes to help P.J. move all of their clothes into the apartment and what little furniture they owned.  P.J.'s mom and stepdad, Dave found them a used queen size bed that was in excellent shape. Jamie's parents insisted on buying them a sheet and comforter set. 

Suddenly cont...Showing Jamie the Apartment.

“What are we doing here?” Jamie asked as P.J. pulled into a parking space at the apartment complex.

P.J. turned in her seat, she brushed a stray blond hair away from her face nervously. “What do you think about us living together?”

Jamie’s eyes widened, “Seriously?  I would love to live with you.” Reaching over and taking P.J.’s hand, “I would love to wake up next to you every morning and not just when we slip away and get a hotel.”

“Me too,” P.J. said and looked up at the windows of the apartment she’s leased a few hours earlier.  “So what do you think about this apartment complex?”

Raising a questioning eyebrow, Jamie looked around the grounds of the apartment complex, “It’s nice. Are you wanting to look at an apartment here?”

“Yeah, in fact I got the key to one earlier so we could take a look at them,” P.J.said, stretching the truth just a little.

Jamie smiled and opened her door. “Let’s go look at it.”

P.J. opened her door and got out of the Jeep too. She took Jamie by the elbow and led her up to the second floor. She paused in front of the door of the apartment.  I hope she likes this, she prayed to herself.  P.J. put the key in the lock, unlocked the door and pushed it open for Jamie.

Stepping inside, Jamie let out a little gasp. The living room was huge with a small kitchen separated from it by a long bar.  The windows looked out over the parking lot and let in a lot of light.  Jamie turned and smiled at P.J., “I love this light gray carpet and how big the living room is.

They went down the hall and P.J. turned on the light to the bathroom.  It have a tub and shower curtain, a single sink and toilet.  P.J. opened the door wide enough to step inside. “There’s shelves inside the wall to put the towels and stuff. she said as she showed Jamie the shelves in the wall .

“That’s cool,” Jamie said. “I love that it has a tub and not just a shower. I miss taking baths.”

Leaning in for a kiss, P.J. said, “Hmm, maybe we could take one together.”

Jamie kissed her back hard, “That would be awesome!”

P.J. took her hand and let her to the huge bedroom with a walk in closet.  “This room is big enough for a king sized bed.”

“It is, oh my God, this room is huge,” Jamie agreed, then went to check out the closet. “Oh my, this is a big closet. We could definitely get all our clothes in here.” Jamie put her hands on her hips and looked around the room. “It’s a shame we can’t afford anything like this.”

“What if we could afford it?” P.J. asked, putting her arms around Jamie and pulling her into her. 

The Beginning of the Continuing story from Suddenly

I haven't decided what to title this continuing story yet but I have some ideas for the beginning of the new story that will start at the beginning of Jamie and P.J.'s second year of college. This story will be told from P.J.'s point of view and shed some light on how she was feeling during some of the things that happened in "Suddenly".  So here we go:

The past year had been like a fairy tale that still hadn't ended. P.J. Thomas watched her beautiful girlfriend, Jamie Edwards walk down the steep grassy hill at Western Kentucky University's campus and praying the fairy tale would last forever. 

The smile that spread across Jamie's face when she saw P.J. waiting for her by their black Jeep widened when she saw the roses P.J. was holding in her hands.  P.J. opened her arms and pulled Jamie into her embrace when Jamie got to her.

"What are those for? Our anniversary was months ago." Jamie said, kissing P.J. on the lips.

"Do I have to have a reason to give you flowers?" P.J. asked before kissing Jamie again and releasing her from her embrace.

Jamie took the flowers from her, "No, I guess not." She brought the bright red roses to her noses and inhaled their scent deeply. "They are so beautiful."

"Just like you," P.J. grinned. "But they are for a special occasion."  P.J. opened the Jeep door and got in the driver's side seat.

Pressing herself agains P.J., Jamie asked, "So what's the occasion?"

P.J.'s grin widened. "It's a surprise. Get in."

Pulling her lip with her teeth and squinting one eye at P.J., Jamie asked, "What are you up to?"

"It's a surprise," P.J. said again. "Now get in if you want to find out what the surprise it."

Jamie skipped her way around the Jeep and got in the passager side.  She put the flowers on the dash of the Jeep, turned to P.J., put her hands on either side of P.J's face and kissed her thoroughly.  They both were breathing hard when Jamie finally released P.J., "Well, what ever the reason, thank you for the flowers."

"You're welcome," P.J. smiled as she started the Jeep. She hoped Jamie would be even more excited about the surprise she had in store for her.  P.J. had done something for both of them but without discussing it with Jamie so she hoped Jamie wouldn't get mad about it.  She was so excited to she her the surprise she could barely focus on driving to the west side of town where the surprise waited.  Please be as excited about this as I am, P.J. prayed softly as they entered the apartment complex where P.J. had just gotten them a new apartment that they would share. It would be their first apartment, their first time living together.