Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Knowing that Kayla had a thing for Lori made me watch the two of them more closely. They always seemed to be picking at each other. Now though, it seemed that they were really flirting with each other on subliminal levels.

I think Kayla may be right about Lori keeping people at arms distance. I had never really thought about her being a player for that reason, but she did go out of her way to avoid any kind of serious relationships.

Brandi had brought her brother, Jayden with her tonight. He was a huge flirt. P.J. and I just ignored his comments about how hot we looked. I think Kayla found it offense.Lori seemed to like the attention.

Lori and Jayden had been talking all night about their individual sport teams and sports in general, something Kayla seemed to know very little about, at least she wasn't participating in the conversation. P.J. and I put in our two cents but neither one of us was that into sports.

The more I watched, the more I realized that Kayla was being more quiet than usual because Lori seemed to be enjoying Jayden's flirting so much. It was a little unnerving to me too.

Lori had only been staying with us a short time and I knew she felt like she was a third wheel despite P.J. and I reassuring her that she wasn't. P.J. and I had gone out and looked at two bedroom apartments that would be in a similar price range as the one we have. We'd found a few that we liked a lot. I talked to my dad about what was going on and he said that he would help us with the rent if we needed it. The bad thing was that we had just signed a new lease back in May so we had several months to go before our lease was up. Dad took our lease agreement and said he was going to see if there was a way for us to get out of the lease if we found a two bedroom the three of us like. I was afraid that Lori was going to give in to her mother's demands and start dating guys in order to get to move back home. I know it's killing her being away from her sister.

Kayla stayed until nine and she seemed thoroughly disgusted with Lori and Jayden when she left. They had poked and played with each other all night. They'd even had a small wrestling match that had rolled over into where Kayla had been sitting. She got up off the floor and moved to the couch muttering something about stupid jocks.

Lori and Jayden continued to flirt and talk until ten when Jayden and Brandi left. P. J. and I went to bed shortly after that.

After we were in bed, I snuggled in close to P.J. and asked, "What did you think about Lori doing all that flirting with Jayden?"

"I think they were just playing around," she said. Her arm was around me, holding me close to her and she lazilyrubbing her thumb over hip.

"You don't think she might be considering switching teams to make her mom happy, do you?"

"Are you kidding? Lori date a guy?" P. J. asked, astonished.

"I know," I said. "It doesn't sound right at all but I'm just a little worried that she might try it out for her parents' sake."

P.J. didn't say anything for a few minutes, like she was mulling it over. "I hope not."

"Me, too."