Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Jamie took P. J.'s hand and led her into the living room.  "P. J. this is Jayden. Jayden, this is my girlfriend, P. J."

Jayden stood up and offered his hand to P. J., "Nice to meet you."

"You too," P. J. said, taking Jayden's hand and giving it a firm shake.

P. J. went into the kitchen and got a piece of pizza and a Dew. She went into the living room and sat down on the floor next to Jamie. Brandi's brother had moved over next to Brandi. Jamie was sitting next to Lori. She patted the floor next to her and P. J. settled down next to her. They spent the rest of the evening watching Jack Black movies.

Brandi's brother, Jayden was a pretty cool guy.  He was quieter than Brandi, who could be quite loud and boisterous sometimes. They had been raised by their mother and grandmother, both who were very strict. Brandi's father was a mix of Hispanic, white, and black. Brandi apparently took more after him. Her skin was a medium brown and she had straight black hair. Jayden looked more like his mother. He keeps his hair cut very short so it's hard to say how curly it really is.  His skin is a shade darker than Brandi's but they both had their mother's high cheekbones and black eyes. The other difference in them is that Jayden is tall and lean, like the typical basketball player he is. Brandi is short and stout with big breasts and a round butt. But, both of them are very attractive people with beautiful smiles and wonderful personalities.

Brandi's mother came by P. J. and Jamie's apartment frequently, and sometimes unexpectedly. P. J. always knew that Brandi was at the apartment if her hand-me-down, white, nineteen ninety-nine Cadillac or if her mother's brand new, black Cadillac was in the parking lot. Her mother's Caddy being in the parking lot was not usually a good thing. It meant that Brandi had not told her where she was going to be that day or her mother was checking to make sure she was really at their apartment.

P. J. had thought Jamie's mother was over-protective and tough until she had met Ms. Huddleston.  She wasn't a tall woman, but she had a commanding persona that made you almost want to stand at attention when she came into the room.

Jamie's mom always called before she came by and P. J. was glad. She'd really hate for her to show up at an inconvenient moment.  She still wasn't really happy about Jamie's relationship with P. J. but since they had been together for over a year now, Jamie's mother had come to terms with the fact that being gay was not just a phase for Jamie. In fact, Jamie was more out and proud than P. J, who tended to be very quiet about her private life.

Lori was like P. J. in that sense. The fact that Lori's parents were very religious and disapproved of Lori's lifestyle played into Lori's keeping quiet about her sexuality.  Her parents hadn't exactly thrown her out when she told them she was gay but they made it clear that she was never to bring a girlfriend to their home.  It was really quite sad because Lori's parents and her older sister lived right here in town, but Lori seldom went home for any reason.  P. J. and Jamie had kind of adopted her as a little sister since she really didn't have a family. 

Lori was going to Western on a softball scholarship so she had work very hard to keep her grades up.  That was one of the reasons she had come to be a part of their group. Jamie and Kayla had become fast friends when they met in a biology class. They had been assigned to a group project with Brandi, Lori and a guy named, Roger. Lori had been really struggling with the class because science wasn't her thing. She was just taking the class because it was one of her general education class requirements.  Jamie decided they would have study sessions at the apartment so they could help Lori and get their projects done.  The guy, Roger, was a lazy jerk and just barely did anything too help with the project. It didn't really matter, Jamie, Kayla and Brandi had put most of the project together and helped Lori help them. They all ended up getting a A on the project.

Like P. J., Lori was stocky in an athletic way. She kept her her straight, copper hair cut right at her collar. Most of the time she wore a ball cap with her hair pulled through the hole in the back of the hat. Her steel grey eyes seemed cold and aloft sometimes, but P. J. knew it was because Lori kept her walls up with most people. After being shunned by her family, she had a hard time trusting people or letting anyone get close to her.

Kayla came from a family very similar to P. J.'s, except her parents were still together.  They were actually very cool and invited all of the girls over for cookouts and family events. Kayla was out but she was also very, very shy. She talked to Jamie more than she did P. J. about stuff because they were more a like. Kayla, despite being a computer nerd, was very feminine.  Her long, platinum blonde hair fell to the middle of her back but she usually kept it in a ponytail. Her make-up was always applied to perfection but very light. She never over did the make up and usually wore a light coat of lip gloss versus lipstick.

It had been a happy twist of fate that Brandi, Lori and Kayla had all been gay and had become such close friends with Jamie and P. J.  P. J. really enjoyed having the girls over, except when they showed up unexpectedly, at an inconvenient time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Other Shoe

P. J. parked her Jeep. She got out, drug her backpack and lunch pail out of the backseat.  She saw Kayla’s Taurus and Brandy’s Cadillac in the parking lot so she expected the usual crew to be at the apartment.  I was Thursday night and as usual, Kayla, Brandy and Lori would be at the apartment to hang out.  

Depending on who had money, they would either order food in, cook up a pot of spaghetti  or some other cheap food concoction and either watch a movie, or play a board game. P. J. was hoping for a movie. She had spent a lot of her day creating business cards and brochures for people who had no artistic talents but were extremely picky about what she was creating.

P. J. made her way up the stairs the apartment. When she got to the door, she heard the sounds of the television coming through. Everyone one must be watching a movie. She hoped there was food.  She opened the door.  Kayla was draped across the loveseat. Brandy was sitting on the floor in front of the love seat. Lori and Jamie were sitting on the floor in front of the couch, and there was a guy sitting between the two of them with his arms stretched out behind them. He wasn’t actually touching either of them with his outstretched arms, but P. J. didn’t know who he was and she did not like him sitting so close to Jamie.

When P. J. closed the door a little harder than necessary, Jamie turned around and smiled at her. “Hey, P. J.. Grab a Dew, piece of pizza, and join us. Stuff’s in the kitchen,” Jamie said, pointing in the direction of the kitchen.

“Okay,” P. J. said, then she leaned down to Jamie and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I’m gonna just change first.”

Jamie frowned and gave P. J. a questioning look as P. J. walked away.  P. J. went into their bedroom and stripped out of her jeans and button-down shirt. She put on long, athletic shorts and a t-shirt. She was just about to leave the bedroom when Jamie came in. She backed P. J. up towards the dresser. “So what was that about in the living room? You marking your territory or something?”

P. J. folded her arms over her chest. “Do I need to mark my territory?”

Jamie grabbed P. J’s forearms, pulling them out.  She stepped into P. J., slamming her leg between P. J’s thighs. She put her hand behind P. J.’s head and pulled her down for a fierce kiss.

Putting her hands on Jamie’s hips, P. J. pulled Jamie harder into her.  Their kiss was bruising. When Jamie finally pulled back, she said, “Did that feel like you needed to mark your territory?”

P. J. shook her head and tried to catch her breath.  “I’m sorry. I just didn’t like how close that guy was sitting next to you.”

Jamie ran her hands up P. J’s chest and squeezed her breasts roughly, “You are never going to have to worry about anyone sitting close to me, especially a guy.” Jamie kissed her hard again, then took her hand, “Come on, I’ll introduce you to Brandy’s brother.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Timeline for this story

I was reading over some of the earlier posts, preparing to add to the story when I realized that I hadn't given you guys a timeline on this story.  The story begins in the summer just before Jamie and P. J's sophomore year. As a freshman, without a relative living close by, Jamie had to live on campus her first year of college.  Being the first year together, it went along perfectly, of course, with our girls seeing each other often and Jamie helping P. J. with her course work.  Because they were still in their honeymoon phase of their relationship, they didn't really have any other people involved in their lives. They were too focused on each other.  Of course, as we all know, the test of a relationship's strength comes when you start living together and when other people become involved in your life. It should be interesting to see how Jamie and P. J. fare.