Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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I know there are a few of you out there waiting for the next segment of this story and I apologize that it's taking so long. I've had personal stuff going on and I'm trying to get Suddenly completely ready for it's release date.  But, I will have a new post for this continuing story next week.  Please check back then. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

An Inconvenient Moment

Since the beginning of summer, Jamie and P. J. had been entertaining the friends just about every night.  P. J. had been frustrated on more than one occasion, when she had wanted to make love with Jamie, they had been interrupted by someone showing up. It was the Fourth of July and Brandi, Lori, and Kayla had all gone home to see their families for the holidays and P. J. was expecting to have some alone time with Jamie.

P. J. had been surprised that Lori was going to see her family since they had such a problem with her sexual orientation. But, apparently one of her grandmothers was very sick, so Lori’s dad had called and asked her to come home.
She and Jamie had gone home the weekend before. Jamie’s parents didn’t really celebrate the Fourth in a big way, but P. J.’s parents did. Her stepfather loved the Fourth of July, especially since he came from a long line of soldiers.  He usually bought three or four hundred dollars worth of fireworks and put on a big show for family, friends and neighbors.

Jamie had been hanging out at the house all day studying. She was taking three classes this summer and up to her eyeballs in homework. P. J. had toyed with taking a class during the summer but had changed her mind.

When P. J. got home, Jamie wasn’t in the living room studying. Usually, she would be piled up on the couch with her nose buried deep in a book. P. J. looked into the kitchen but she couldn’t see any movement there.  Jamie still didn’t have a car of her own so she couldn’t just leave unless she walked somewhere or someone came and got her, but she always called or text P. J. to let know if she were going somewhere.

P. J. headed for the bedroom, thinking that maybe Jamie had decided to take a nap. When she got to the bedroom, she was greeted by a pleasant surprise. Jamie was laid out on the bed spread eagle and naked. “Oh my, my,” P. J. said, licking her lips.

Jamie raised her head and looked at her. “It is so hot. I had to cool off.”

Tossing her keys and wallet on the dresser, P. J. started unfastening her pants. “Well, I hope you got cool enough because it is about to get very hot in here.” She pulled her shirt over her head and tugged off her sports bra.

“Is that right?” Jamie said, her blue eyes watching P. J.’s every move.

“Yep,” P. J. said. She slid off her panties, making her just as naked as Jamie. She crawled up from the bottom of the bed and over Jamie. “I think it’s been awhile since we’ve been this alone in this apartment. No one is here to hear you scream, except me.” She leaned down and ran her tongue across the outer edge of Jamie’s ear, making her shiver.

“I think you are right,” Jamie murmured and pulled P. J. down for a deep kiss.

P. J. slid her leg between Jamie’s and pressed herself into Jamie. She tore her lips away from Jamie’s and kissed her way slowly down Jamie’s body. Jamie pushed at her shoulders, wanting her to hurry. P. J. was tempted to give in to Jamie’s needs but it had been too long since she had been able to take her time and really make Jamie crazy.  

She ran her hands and mouth over all the sensitive places that made Jamie squirm. When she finally reached the apex of Jamie’s legs, Jamie was more than ready for her. She began her exploration of Jamie slowly, letting the tension build. But, Jamie was too ready and was quickly screaming out P. J.’s name.

P. J. lay her head on Jamie’s stomach as they caught their breath. After a few minutes, Jamie said. “Did you hear that?”

“What?” P. J. lifted her head and heard the faint sound of giggling.

“It’s probably next door,” she said, placing a kiss on Jamie’s stomach.

“I don’t know,” Jamie said, still listening. “It sounds like it’s coming from out living room.”

P. J. moved further up Jamie’s body, placing kisses along the way. “You’re just imagining things. No one’s here.”  

The giggling was a little louder. “I told you, someone is here.” Jamie covered her face with her hands. “Oh my God! Someone is in the living room and heard us.”

“Heard you,” P. J. corrected. She looked up to Jamie’s eyes. She grinned mischievously.

“Is that right?” Jamie said, slipping her arms under P. J.’s and pulling her up to meet her lips. When P. J. pulled back from the searing kiss Jamie had just given her, Jamie was grinning wickedly. “Your turn,” she said and flip P. J. over onto her back, almost causing them to fall off the bed.

They both burst out laughing but Jamie was determined. She pulled P. J. into the middle of the bed and straddled her. P. J. tried to dislodge her but Jamie grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head. “I know you are stronger than me but you can’t resist this,” Jamie said as she leaned down and kissed P. J.’s neck.

Within in seconds, P. J.’s was completely under Jamie’s control and her screams more than rivaled Jamie’s.

When they could both breathe again, they lay next to each other listening. “I thought I heard the door shut earlier,” P. J. said.

“You could hear something over your screams?” Jamie asked.

P. J. grinned and pulled Jamie into an embrace. “No, before that.” She kissed Jamie’s forever. “Someone could have set off a bomb during all that and I wouldn’t have heard a thing.”

Jamie smiled into P. J.’s shoulder, then kissed her lightly on her collar bone. “I’m starving. You want to order pizza?”

“Yeah. I stopped at Redbox on the way home and got us a new movie.”

Jamie sat up, “A romance?”

P. J. grinned, “Yeah, but I’d also ordered Loving Annabelle for us to watch on the computer but I figured we’d do that when we went to bed.”

Jamie leaned back down and kissed P. J. lightly on the lips. “Uhm, sounds like round two may be coming up later.”

Blushing lightly, P. J. said, “Maybe.” Then she grabbed Jamie and pulled her back down on the bed, “Or we could do round two now.”

Before Jamie could answer, there was a knock at the door. “Was that at our door?”

“I think so,” P. J. said, getting up and going to the dresser. She pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and dressed quickly.

P. J. padded into the living room and looked at the peep hole of the door. It was Jamie’s mother and Lori. “Your mom’s here.” P. J. called to Jamie.

“What?!” Jamie jumped off the bed and searched for her clothes.

P. J. opened the door. “Hi, Mrs. Edwards. Hey, Lori.”

Lori wouldn’t meet P. J.’s gaze and her cheeks were flushed. P. J. gave her a questioning look. Jamie’s mom stepped into the apartment, past P. J. “Where’s Jamie?”

“Here,” Jamie said, as she popped out of the bedroom.

Jamie’s mother looked at Jamie, who even though she had tried to straighten her hair out, still looked like she had just gotten out of bed. Her mother’s gaze swung to P. J. whose t-shirt didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra and she was sure her hair was even more messing. “I guess I should have called before I came,” Jamie’s mom said, looking towards the windows overlooking the parking lot, then following her gaze until she reached the window and looked out. “I just happened to be down here taking care of some business and thought I’d stop by.” She moved the curtain aside and looked around the parking lot. “I saw P. J.’s Jeep and Lori was coming down from your apartment so I assumed you were home.”

P. J. swung her gaze to Lori, who had a key to the apartment because she practically lived there. Lori blushed deep red and turned away. P. J. rolled her eyes heavenward. So there had been someone in the apartment giggling. Lori must have heard everything.P. J. moved towards the bedroom and Jamie went to the couch and sat down.  “That’s fine, Mom.” Jamie looked at P. J. and scowled at her as she tried to slip out of the room. “We both just got home and were about to order pizza. You want to have some with us?”

Jamie’s mom looked back from the window to Jamie, “No, I’ll just visit for a little bit. Your dad is coming down and we’re going to go see a musical at that new fancy theater they just opened here.”

“I’m going to just go hop in the shower,” P. J. said, motioning to the bedroom. “I’ll be right back.” She turned her gaze to Lori, who still wouldn’t look at her. “Why don’t you order us some pizza, Lori?”

“Okay,” Lori said, “I’ll just go into the kitchen and see if you guys have any sales papers. We’ll figure out who has the best deal tonight.”

P. J. slipped off into the bedroom and Lori went into the kitchen, leaving Jamie alone with  her mother, who looked towards the door P. J. just disappeared into, “I didn’t come at a bad time, did I?”

Jamie couldn’t help but blush as she lied to her mother, “No, it’s fine, Mom. We were both just resting a little bit after our long, hot day. So, what kind of business did you have down here?” Jamie asked, quickly changing the subject.