Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coming back around

I've been working on the Circle of Confusion now for about two years and I keep hitting a brick wall. I was just reading some of the earlier posts of the first version of what I'm tentatively calling this first book "It's All New," and I like it so much better than what I've been writing more recently. What I really need is to print everything off and sit in a nice quiet room and really read over it until I figure out where I'm going with the story. Of course, it would help if my characters stopped creating themselves. I have an idea of who I want them to be, but sometimes that have a mind of their own and they become someone I didn't forsee, which screws up my long term story plans. GRRRRR. Anyway, the story is slowly coming along and I'm still shooting for Thanksgiving, but we'll see.

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